World of Imagination

by Imagination

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In honor of my upcoming Ordination to the Priesthood, I am giving away my music at no charge!

World of Imagination is a collection of music that I wrote and produced between 2003 and 2005. It was a different era for me personally, spiritually, musically, and psychologically, and stands in contrast to much of my current music. It is what it is.

Imagination was a rapper alias I used. In about 2000, I decided to take it up, in a desire to become more vivid, abstract, and grammatical. Looking back, there was also a certain lack of self confidence in myself, that I was trying to be very indirect by being so abstract.

Moreover, Imagination was also a deliberate move to create more intellectual and spiritual music. A lot of it was inspired by the music I was hearing from all across the country in the underground scene, and particularly by the local emcees in ciphers and open mics in parks and alleyways.

Many of these beats grew out of those collaborations. Eventually they all fell apart, and I had all these beats and verses that needed to just release. I recorded the song two years too late, and edited some of the songs. I burned a CD-R and gave it to several of my close friends, and then I went away to become a monk.


released August 2, 2006

All beats produced, and all lyrics written by Brother Mark of Ephrem Hip Hop.




Fr Mark Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: World of Imagination
Transcending conversation, mentally enter IMaGiNaZUN
Brain matter elevation to manifestations of unseen stages
Incapable meditation celebrates
The mandate of substance activation
Lyrics pacing to hip hop fakers that exist as imitations
With God’s grace my information is the physician’s medication
Teleportation to the destination
Levitation of patients to the Master of Creation
My academic lesson on occasion, IMaGiNaZUN’s presentation
Mystical lecture generation messaging Humanitarian
Test this the renaissance expression
The Wild Style obsession
Illusions are figments don’t invest by pigments
I was sinful but confessions ended it
Begging to God for Truth and Wisdom
At His foot, I kissed it
Then God sent me on a journey of uncertainty
Faith must be my tool certainly
A mission of purity earning no fee except prudence and virtue
A spirit eternally true and an infinite soul
Intellects will fold contemplating this infinite goal and intention
Defined beyond comprehension
Without a psyche extension or the Grimy Beat connection
The power of suggestion melts conscious intervention
Whereas suspension of senses equivalent
To the apprehension of the Master of Invention
Deliverance of the wretched while atmosphere pressure
Infests the detention center with clarity and temper
Three elliptical cymbals crash the parody of dissension
So as not to sell the irrelevant for the heck of it
My essence is a testament of intelligence
Because I can freely give to the Benevolent Emperor
That which He gave and made me a member
Following penance
This quest of Truth & Wisdom
In the name of Christ I Mic Test
Don’t be indifferent to the schisms where the winnings manifest divisions
Because where excellence resides not within pride spots
Lurking in the lava of volcanic contraption
People seem to be attracted to the madness of patterns that entrap in prisms
But now I’m free from ignorant decisions and sinful intentions
Through the Chrism of Anointed Traditions
Passed on through ancient Christians that still haven’t faded into oblivion
By the matters of recent fake renditions
I insist we must revert to mysticism
Because modernism perverts the Apostolic succession
This degenerates the social moral embitterment
So I’m hoping for divine interventions to leave lasting impressions
Reparations and penance in payment this demands a greater understanding
Of what salvation commands
That the blessing of the sacred hands can consecrate women or man
To a life of sanctity in the duty of their family
Against today’s mentality a material tragedy
That merely downplays IMaGiNaZUN, becoming psychologically isolated
A slave to mass mis-information
I’d rather artistically render in part with creation
Experiences of a mystical nature in poetic fashion
We praise in vocal fashion the harvest emulates the first artist
The first to create was a movement of love
The spirit to move is what the Earth has sung
So instilled by the original will
That will spill expressions that love this art
Removal of the scars by Him who numbers the stars
Deliverance and Freedom for those who Cross their bars
So I focus on the Sacred Heart to participate and ImaGiNaTe the possibilities
Are by the Grace of the Trinity
Just focus on the Sacred Heart and participate the possibilities
Through the Grace of the Trinity
Track Name: Heart/Mind
My galactic position discovers decisions
Renew origins the brain stem
Stars beyond Saturn seeds under dirt
My nerves rehearse to curve the orbit
Overcome cosmos morbid and horrific
Create lyrics manifest hip hop glyphics
Translation of the ancient mystics
Our fore-father of Arabic hellenistics
I observed mortals are materialistic
So I will be prophetically specific
My vocal montage points the mirage
That human thought alone is not yet perfect
Truth can be hidden in camouflauge
Unseen in kinetic ellipses
It’s electrically magnificent
Minds melt as the words wreck
I sought after benevolent wisdom
To intersect the path of death
My perpendicular dividend
Extends mentals to sublime rhetoric
But first unfurl my tape
Indiana Jones must archaeologically excavate
Dick Tracy diligently investigate
Don’t bother to selfishly instigate
Most MC’s choose to sleep
As behold the bell tolls
If I talk in my sleep
You better be taking notes
Don’t miss the maxim or quote
A sacred password to spawn hope
Lyrics that unite those remote minds and hearts
Intelligent emotions
My lyrics are straight from the heart
Through the scope of my brain
My music’s made for your soul
As well for the mind to gain
The purpose of my art
Is to innovate not imitate
And I seek within you
To elevate not degenerate
My lyrics are straight from the heart
Through the scope of my brain
My music’s made for your soul
As well for the mind to gain
Although I can always entertain
I prefer to spiritually penetrate
To touch your emotional place
And to intellectually stimulate
Grammatically dissect a mammoth prospect
Maxims inspect the master’s elect
Catch wreck for past granted intent
Its maximum respect opposite savage mix checks
Wordplay poetry pay dues to be an MC
True hip hop entities mediate innovation and creativity
One face of multifaceted fascinate integrity
Elevate similes debate heresy
To end the fake mimicry to interior rate heavenly
My hermitage honoring a homage
Where verbiage rock endless crowds
Of B-Boys and turntableists
Who dance to move the clouds
I am a lyrical dreamer
IMaGiNaZUN the expression speaker
To make impressions etched in skulls
For illuminated vision to reason
It’s sealed where film reels flimsy
Real documentaries are merely supplementary
To truth passed on in monasteries
That transcends cultures and centuries
I have an affinity to enriching gray matter symmetry
To nourish intellectual faculties
To inspire spiritual majesty to climb ladders
To establish the balance of wisdom and passion
Awake from the damage of lacking understanding
Acts of courage merge commandments
And laws written on the heart in meditative fashion